ah, the joys of a working gate

In the never-ending chore list is this….12: fix the gate

We have so far removed fifteen sections of fencing in the yard.

The previous owners of our cottage were fence freaks. There were fences, half-fences, gates galore!

There were five sections of fencing just in the backyard…and one huge privacy fence between our driveway and the neighbor’s yard.  There was even a fence across the front porch with a gate that Charles Atlas couldn’t move!

There was a wooden railed fence in the front yard next to the street holding in a privet hedge full of cactus!

There were both privacy wooden fences and chain link fences, sometimes right up against each other. We moved both gates back…one is attached at the back of the house, the other is a huge wooden gate that needs to be reposted so it doesn’t fall over with a stiff breeze.

yes, that is a lovely stained glass window…and yes, I did stain it myself!

Right now the gate is sort of jerry-rigged…the post is barely planted in the ground and has a bike chain holding it against the house so it doesn’t fall over. It also has a cinder block on each side of the base to provide a tiny bit of stability.

Yes, I do know how stupid it looks and it doesn’t work at all but it has been so blasted hot I can not bring myself to go dig a fence hole.

I considered hiring Lee next door to dig the hole but that young man works so hard and for so many hours each day I simply can not justify keeping him out in the heat for a stupid gate.

So I need to fix it. Except, I have to have assistance so that means George has to be off work and awake.  That is a rarety.

In the meantime, I just need to be satisfied with the little metal gate, at least until the temperatures drop down to a livable level.

1 thought on “ah, the joys of a working gate

  1. We had such a big dog he would actually hang over the gate. Scary for strangers and a nosy neighbor who treated dogs badly. Hope your weather cools.


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