Dormant brains may be the explanation!

dormant …….volcano?  Plants?  Bears?  I mean, what are we supposed to get from this word?  

The only thing I can think of is the idiot president.  His brain has quite obviously gone dormant and we are stuck with the idiocies and unconstitutional wanderings of his motley crew.

How anyone can approve of his behavior is totally beyond my comprehension.

I have to think that anyone that DOES approve of his behavior has also allowed their brains to go dormant!

The man gets his news from Twitter and Fox TV……..he never listens to his “advisors” (not that any of them are qualified to be in their positions)…….it is almost as if he gets all his information from Bugs Bunny cartoons!

He has accomplished………..well, nothing.  He has signed hundreds of executive orders and has obviously understood NOTHING of what he signed.

He has somehow managed to sign more bills than a few predecessors, but most of them have no real significance as they appear to be nationally insignificant, like renaming a building in Nashville or appointing individuals to a museum board.

Even the newest member of the Trumpettes has allowed his brain to go dormant.  Mr. Scaramucci, who was once recorded as saying “He’s a hack politician”

is suddenly saying he “loves” Trump. Dormant brain is at it again!




3 thoughts on “Dormant brains may be the explanation!

  1. Every day a new and disappointing reminder of the new administration


  2. Suze, I would like nothing better than to let my brain go dormant, relish the dormancy, and wander through the remainder of my life dormantly. (Yeah, I know, “dormantly” is not in the dictionary). But, Merriam Webster is fake definitions and fake words. Oh my, my dormant brain is overheating.


    1. I dormantly..adverbs are great no matter WHAT Steven Sawyer says! I think dormantly is a wondrous word…….
      George says Trump is a “pod person” I am not quite clear what that means exactly, but have a feeling he’s referencing a 60’s cult film. He said “guys know” so am hoping you will explain…as you ARE a guy.


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