Voter fraud?

I think the real fraud is the office created by the Cheeto-in-chief to ferret out fraudulent voters. 

The Interstate Crosscheck System is a database used by a few states to compare voter registrations…by finding names and dates of birth that are the same for two or more individuals in differing states.

The system, though, is inherently flawed.  It ONLY checks for names (first and last) and dates of birth.  It does not check places of birth, middle names, former names, maiden names, location or even education…all of which are in public information databases.

You think that wouldn’t be a problem? I personally know TWO men named  “Marvin Cloud”, with both born on January 4th.  The year is different. THEY would be picked up as fraudulent using the Interstate Crosscheck System.  The fact that they are father and son is beside the point. They would NOT be allowed to vote, or would have their votes left uncounted should the government decide to use this system on a national basis.

Several universities and Microsoft analyzed the system and found that Crosscheck would “eliminate about 200 registrations used to cast legitimate votes for every one registration used to cast a double vote.”

Just two days ago, the Heritage Foundation released a “news” story about their findings of “Over 1000 cases of voter fraud”.  Jason Sneed, “policy analyst” for the Heritage Foundation’s Edwin Meese III Center for Legal and Judicial Studies, wrote the following:

“One of the left’s main arguments against reform is that voter fraud simply does not occur. How liberals arrive at this conclusion, we cannot say. Time and again, studies and analyses point to one incontrovertible conclusion: that voter fraud is a real and pressing issue that deserves serious solutions, and The Heritage Foundation has the evidence to prove it.”


Their evidence?  There were 1071 cases of voter fraud seemingly between 2013 and 2016.

Now in a population of 323.1 million (2016) …….Well, I can agree with Mr. Sneed…Voter fraud does indeed occur.  I just can’t see 1071 cases as a huge problem, no matter how he tries to spin it.


1 thought on “Voter fraud?

  1. Shmaltz and Menudo July 22, 2017 — 1:34 pm

    Right on, Suze!

    This is a topic I’m passionate about. In fact, I wrote a LAP about it a week ago: Stealing Votes: How Our Rights Are Under Attack!

    This hubbub about “voter fraud” really started with George W. Bush and Karl Rove. W’s Justice Department launched an under-reported assault on voting rights, using voter fraud as an excuse. But by 2007, only 120 people were arrested and 86 people were convicted of voter fraud. While legitimate causes of voting fraud should the dealt with, the problem is so minuscule. There’s no justification to what some people are doing to try to suppress the vote.

    I’ve read up on this Election Integrity Commission and Crosscheck. According to investigative report Greg Palast, around 1 million voters were knocked off the rolls due to Crosscheck (the link is in my post). This EIC is basically Crosscheck on steroids.


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