Route 66…Oklahoma and Harmony all in one!

If there is a song on the radio that I know (and love) I can not help myself…I have to sing along. And not just sing along; I harmonize .

I am one of those annoying people that sings all the time. I sing along with the radio..with a record..when my hubby plays the keyboard…when a neighbor is playing a radio. I have been known to sing grocery lists. I sing in the shower..the kitchen while cooking..the backyard while gardening or weeding the flower beds.

And I never sing the melody. I can’t seem to force the correct melody out from between my lips…….I harmonize anything and everything.

I think it comes from being a second soprano in almost every choir in which I was a member. If a note goes up, I tend to sing the note five bars down……if the note goes down, I go up. It used to drive my brothers crazy.  I thought it probably drove George a bit nutso but he swears he likes that I harmonize the songs.

Here’s one of the songs I can never remain silent to…and being sung by the absolute masters of harmony! The Manhattan Transfer

4 thoughts on “Route 66…Oklahoma and Harmony all in one!

  1. Singing while pulling weeds? Please come to PA, I’ve got enough thistle for you to sing all of Les Miserables. Good post as always.


    1. Thanks John…can I sing it in French? Not that I KNOW French but since the title is French I want to try it for some reason. Still trying to decide which chachke to send to you…i am struggling between the china-like lady with swan (or it could be a distorted duck) or the Boy pushing a little girl on a swing pretend china figurine with it’s certificate of authenticity as to it’s being made in Hong Kong.


      1. French or English, your call. I’m just happy to have help pulling weeds. Either chachke will be good, just NO clowns. They’re creepy and just not that funny.


      2. darn it all! I have a complete clown set of verified and certified faux ceramic painted in garish and horrid colors! darn!


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