a surprisingly sunshiny day!

What a wonderful surprise after such a crappy weekend! Cyranny of the Frozenland Cove nominated me (with some rather illustrious blogs) for the Sunshine Blogger Award! What is so totally cool about the whole thing (besides it came from Frozenland) is that I follow everyone on the list of nominees except one, and now I have a new person to stalk thanks to my good buddy, Cyr! YEA!!!

sunshine blogger

So, of course, there are rules…and dag nab it! Since Cryanny managed to follow them I am now forced into doing the same!

Well, I did number one already…I am wonderfully fabulous that way…I actually LIKE to thank people that do something nice for me. So, it is obviously on to number 2.  The questions!

  1. Maze? No..new city? yes. I’ve never even BEEN in a maze unless you count the inner workings of my child’s mind……..and then I was unsuccessful.
  2. Spiders.
  3. Nessie?  Hey, my dad’s family were the Porteous of Scotland, damned skippy there is a Nessie!
  4. I would be sitting at the table with Jesus at the last supper. I just can not see a practicing Jew making any of those statements about blood and flesh and ingesting them. It is too Zoroastrian in nature.
  5. one magical power?  dang……I stopped believing in magic a thousand years ago it seems. I’d want to be a healer though. Just to touch someone and heal them of hatred, fear, bigotry, religion.
  6. Every part of the day is my favorite.
  7. dream job? I wanted to be a ballerina/astronaut. I figured I could dance while flying among the stars.
  8. my weirdest experience? the time I died was pretty weird. Yea..July 14, 2006. I died for seven minutes before a surgeon brought me back. no brain or heart activity at all for seven minutes.
  9. I don’t have a lucky number..if I did it would be a bazillion, but I am pretty sure I made that number up years ago.
  10. Breathing makes me happy. Having three meals a day and possibly a snack makes me happy. Paying all the bills and having a dollar or two left over makes me happy. Sitting on my front porch swing watching the world, talking to neighbors, loving my family, writing this blog all make me happy.
  11. The Minotaur…oh it isn’t the ancient Greek half man half bull thing……..it is an alien life form on Dr Who! 

Now I need to nominate a bunch of people………andddddddddddd, here’s where I go off the wall. I nominate everyone who reads this post! That’s right, I am nominating YOU!  I figure we can all use a little sunshine in our lives.

So, go for it. Have fun with the questions and pass on the fun to someone else!

1 thought on “a surprisingly sunshiny day!

  1. How sweet of you Suze
    Maybe I’ll be up to the task tomorrow since I enjoyed celebrating national tequila day this evening


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