going backwards again

I have received about 75 bazillion complaints about the new theme…..seasons. Everyone loved it “except”.  So, long story short, I changed it back.  I get these impulses to change things around about every six months.

Seasons, while beautiful and with a changing background for each season, was a pain in the patootie to set up and maintain.

It kept throwing transient options around all willy-nilly and upsetting my computer geekette who had to clean up the blasted things.

Now, everyone knows I haven’t a clue what a transient option is...I just figured they would eventually find another blog to annoy…but my geekette was NOT happy.

It seems they slowed down my poor miserable little blog so it acted like everyone was on a telephone dial-up connection instead of the zippy cable lines….

In the interest of making my readers lives (and my geekette’s life) easier, I switched back to the speedy version. I think everyone will be happier this way.  I know the geekette will and since she is the one maintaining the blog I think I should worry more about her than the silly theme!


2 thoughts on “going backwards again

  1. I must say prefer this although liked the other one. In either case it’s never easy to add a comment, although here I don’t have to sign it every time. ‍♀️☺️


    1. oh goodness. I didn’t know people had to sign the other ones! shoot, I HATE that feature. sorry for putting you through it


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