Hidden   I don’t have a blessed thing to say about the daily prompt.

So, instead of worrying about attempting (and failing) to find anything to say about it, off we go on a left turn!

This guy (girl??) was sitting outside my house yesterday…and again this morning.

Cooper’s Hawk

I wasn’t exactly sure what kind of bird it was until I found a picture of him at the OSU website. That is a Cooper’s Hawk.  I am pretty darned sure he thought my Siamese cat would be breakfast for him. But Pyewacket is an intelligent cat and came through the dog door into the house right as the hawk swooped down.

5 thoughts on “Nope..nothing….nada

  1. If he comes to visit again, I’d call him Sheldon! The Big Bang Theory character always cracks me up 🙂


    1. He absolutely looks like a Sheldon, good call Cyranny!


  2. Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha July 27, 2017 — 10:39 am

    You still said something 🙂


  3. Good for Pyewacket! That cat’s got great instincts.
    I just have to say, since we don’t seem to be on any particular subject, that the one thing I don’t like about your new theme is, I cannot “like” other people’s replies to your posts. That is all, lol.
    And now for a haiku featuring your daily prompt:
    Never seen coming
    Hidden among the closet’s contents
    Bitten, therefore, dying.


    1. LOL that is wonderful!
      I am no longer as thrilled with my theme as I was..but am too lazy to change things back again yet.


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