and the world flooded…………..

substandard   Frankly…this blog is probably substandard. It hasn’t really a tends to blather on about nothing at all…it isn’t the only thing that is substandard in my life and home either..Just the most visible to strangers.

The house is a definite substandard house.  Things falling off, falling down, crumbling to dust and held together with prayer, twine and duct tape.

The garden is substandard.  Oh it is growing. I have eggplants and peppers, a tomato or two in a pot, and brussel sprouts……’s just that the garden itself is so very odd..with some plants gargantuan and others small, stunted and scraggly.

It may sound like a negative thing but substandard is probably the very best I can hope for at this time in my life. I don’t want to have more and just means more dusting. And besides, if another great flood comes along, everything I own and love will fit perfectly inside that submarine. It’s nice to know that in case of disaster, I CAN take it with me.

4 thoughts on “and the world flooded…………..

  1. Sounds like our 1940 house in Delta, but I miss it still.


  2. Nice submarine! good post.


  3. Suze, I’ve known you for a few years and there is nothing substandard. Just tell people that your house is a creative endeavor, your garden is a refuge for weeds, and you are still a work in progress. Nothing God makes and for sure nobody who has weathered what you have in life is substandard. Love ya.


    1. but I wouldn’t mind living underwater! sheesh, it could be FUN……….lol


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