My brain is now fogged. Thanks WP!


We don’t get much fog here in Enid.  It’s happened a few times, but nothing like we had on the east coast growing up.

Or Houston. Houston was the foggiest place I have ever lived…and NONE of this is interesting at all!

If I was a poet maybe I could make something interesting about the word’o’the day but I am nowhere near a poet. I can’t even get a good limerick out of it.

The bog was full of fog

the land was cold and raw

mists hung over shoulders braw

on the men who walked the bog.


See what I mean? That sucked. No other word for it…..I am so not a poet.

I wanted an interesting word…something I could sink my teeth into.  Like antidisestablishmentarianism……… what a terrific word of the day that would have been.

Perhaps tomorrow will be better and I can think of something to the meantime, I suppose I have to publish this dreck.


10 thoughts on “My brain is now fogged. Thanks WP!

  1. I agree! Fog is a very dreary word! I’m not even going to attempt it……


    1. you are so much smarter than I am!


  2. Hmmmm, Suze, I see the hidden poet in your lines. “My life was hidden in a fog, drinking way too much grog, and now I’m clear because I knowed it, but dammit it all, I’ll never be a poet.”


    1. oh, now……..dag nab’s awful when my readers are so much better at the poetry than I………


      1. Naw, brief glimpses of inspiration do not a poet make. I like your style much more.


  3. So when and where did you live in Houston? Maybe we were neighbors.


    1. in 1978 -83. I lived in Pasadena right next to Gilly’s bar and grill. Worked downtown at Hermann Hospital.


  4. There once was a frog named Dewit
    Who hated the fog with a passion
    In the fog he did sit
    Not giving a shit
    But man he sure cared about fashion!

    A top hat he wore
    And a bow tie as well
    He croaked out a toon
    And stared at the moon
    Through the fog that was just like a veil.

    There, how was that? Thanks for the inspiration!


    1. emojis??? okay, total doofus here.wth is an emojis? cute poem. Have I told you, I hate poetry? yea….lol


  5. Dang it, the emojis didn’t come through with my poem…that was the cute part!!!


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