Morning has broken

I awoke this morning to a veritable symphony outside my windows…..the birds were all singing madly, some out of tune, but together it was beautiful.

I passed a lovely hour on the front porch sipping coffee and just listening to the birdsong and humming old Cat Steven’s songs to myself.

Then Pyewacket, my idiot cat, decided to bring me one of the choristers! Nothing like attempting to catch a terrified bird inside my screened in porch. There are so many things to hang onto or hide behind.  I finally left the screen doors open, started swinging the broom around and the poor bird escaped.

Pye, disgustingly proud of himself for annoying me, lounged on my porch swing watching the old lady madly swinging a broom at his catch of the day.

If this is how the first hour and a half of my day has gone, I wonder if I have the energy to finish it.

4 thoughts on “Morning has broken

  1. Love the imagery. You weren’t riding the broom, were you?


  2. A lovely scene, wish I was there! I tried leaving a few replies to your Houston msg. Maybe this one will get through?? I lived in Bellaire and Alief from 1966-1972. Then moved to CO. We came back in 1993-2004 and lived in Kingwood and downtown across from the Galleria. I loved Gilly’s! ☺️ Have a great day.


  3. The very thought of you sweeping your troubles away made me smile…isn’t it funny how we can spend so much energy trying to make something happen, only to realize that “opening up”, and allowing a situation to resolve itself, is the best course of action. Thank you for this delightful post…and, I hope you have a peaceful day from here on out 🙂


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