Piecing things together

I have been working on a quilt top for a friend for the past three months. Now, in all honesty, I have made one “real” quilt top and that was for my antique settee…this one is for a double bed.  The first one was a series of squares sewn together in a pleasing way.  The colors were varied and both prints and solid color swatches were used.

This one is a bi-color top, and I forced myself into using triangles as well as squares..a few rectangles got thrown into the mix as well. It took me most of a month just to cut out the square and triangle pieces.

It took a second month to figure out how to piece together the triangles with the squares so it looked like something….anything really. I finished the top early this morning.

And I realized……….I have no bloody idea how to put the fuzzy stuff into it or even what to use for a backing..and then what the heck was I to do with these next items to make a quilt that looks like a quilt?

I grabbed the topper and headed out to Angie’s house…it’s all her fault I started quilting after all…she is the expert at this stuff. As I got outside my neighbor called me and said “what’s that you have?”

I replied “I made a quilt top. Want to see?”  I was extremely proud of managing to have something that I thought looked really good for a beginner without a clue.

As I showed it to her, she began to frown and said “oh, you made a lot of mistakes, didn’t you? You should have…..” and I don’t know the rest of what she said as I suddenly felt like a total failure and completely embarrassed I had made such a mess of the quilt and wasn’t listening anymore.

I must have said goodbye (I know I didn’t say oh screw you as she wasn’t mad), got into my truck and drove to Angie’s house. I almost left the quilt in the truck as I was now completely ashamed of the work….but I hoped Ang would help me fix it so inside it went.

After a crying jag of ten minutes on her shoulder, I finally heard Angie say “Suze, you did a GREAT job!”


She gently pointed out that I had sewn ONE quilt top so far and it was as simple as one could get…with THIS one I had created a different pattern and sewn pieces of varying sizes and shapes together and it looked good….and I did it without any help for anyone.

Okay..so it isn’t perfect. I have never in my entire life made anything that IS perfect, so this is not a problem. It is interesting. It will be warm when it is complete. The colors are pretty and I made it with love.

And I know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that I will never design another one with triangles again! I will also never allow an unfeeling neighbor to take away my pleasure or pride in anything I have accomplished.

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