examining beliefs.



When I was in seminary, the final exam question in my favorite class was something similar to this:

“You are talking to someone about religion. The person you are speaking with suddenly says rather frustratedly “The New Testament is so full of contradictions no one can be sure what happened; Jesus said this or that yet each statement contradicts the next; the apostle Paul turned Jesus’ simple teaching into a complicated theological system of sin, judgment, and redemption; and all the writers with one glaring exception thought the end times were coming in their own lifetimes. The book is full of misogynistic, homophobic and anti-Semitic statements and has been used to justify genocide and suppression for hundreds of years. Just listen to televangelists! The book is not just dangerous, it should be banned!”

What is your response?

So, I know how I responded to the question. How do you respond?




3 thoughts on “examining beliefs.

  1. I would say organized religion opens itself up to abuse. Religion or spirituality should be a strictly personal thing. Though I do like some of the cultural things that grow from religion, like music and art.


  2. My answer? Read it for yourself, don’t trust another person’s interpretation, let your indwelling spirit figure it out…..and above all remember that it is just another work of great literature.


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