Themed tongue twisters monthly challenge

So, I saw a post that Barbara of Teleportingweena wrote for this challenge…and since it is impossible for me to allow a bloggery buddy to get ahead of me in any challenge, I picked this one up for myself. I figure I can do anything just once a month!


Positively appealing started this…at least she (he?) is the one we post our little entries to. go check him (her?) out!

The focus for the tongue twister this month is “cooking/baking”…..and here goes nothing!

  1. George’s geodes grumbly gravel made messy mud pies!
  2.  Suze’s slimy smarmy sherried smush seems seriously sticky.
  3. Making marshmallow macaroons midweek makes me messy.

1 thought on “Themed tongue twisters monthly challenge

  1. You have some good ones there! They’re fun to try to say! Glad you joined in this challenge! 🙂

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