it’s my birthday and I’ll cry if I want to…………………..

Today is my birthday, and like all previous years, I have remembered days of my past. Usually, things turned out horribly yet I still have a go at reminiscence. I can’t seem to stop myself


I usually end up crying for lost times that could have been wonderful but weren’t.

But no matter how awful they have been in my past, this year I decided to do whatever I wished whenever I wanted to do it…and today (so far) has been wonderful!

I slept late.  For me, a perennial insomniac, that was terrific! I can’t honestly remember the last time I was able to sleep longer than an hour, and last night was a full 8 hours uninterrupted. Bliss!

George made me a pot of coffee and even fixed me up the first cup. Marvelous.  I was able to sit outside on my adored front porch and just enjoy the sounds of birdsong and the lovely taste of hot coffee.

We spent the day doing things I wanted. I spent an hour online just mucking around reading blogs I have been too busy to read. Then I went to a local craft shop and bought enough silk flowers to create a new wreath and the grapevine upon which to place them. I had lunch at a fast food place, took the dogs to visit friends, and renewed my driver’s license.  (NO, the picture did NOT turn out well)

I had lunch at a fast food place, took the dogs to visit friends, and renewed my driver’s license.  (NO, the picture did NOT turn out well)

I got back home to discover the guys from the arborist had chopped up the maple tree in an effort to save it…they had to cut back every limb that had been affected by the fungal infection.  My poor maple looks like poo but it should survive with frequent watering.

Tonight I am ordering a pizza to BE DELIVERED………now that may not sound like much but to George and I, who count each penny and squeeze our funds until they beg for relief, it is HUGE.

I did get a present I wanted and never expected.  My sweet hubster actually LISTENED and got me a new tool box.  I know, I know……should have been something frilly and fem, right?  WRONG! I WANTED a new toolbox. Mine was over 40 years old, warped and dented and bent and was heavy as the dickens. I could barely get it opened up because of all the damage.  I am thrilled that he actually went out, all on his own, and made a purchase of something I wanted and needed.

THAT he REMEMBERED IT was the very best gift of all.



Thanks for the wonderful birthday wishes..especially cheryl over at rugby843 for this one….


11 thoughts on “it’s my birthday and I’ll cry if I want to…………………..

  1. Well Happy Birthday, ole girl. Sounds like you made yourself a wonderful day. The tool box is beautiful and, yes, I love tool boxes too. It’s got something to do with my need to be organized. Now, pretend that tomorrow is your birthday and do it all over again.


    1. thanks Larry……nah, tomorrow there is no pressure to have a great day so I automatically will!


  2. Happy birthday Suze!!!

    I was at work, in between two calls when I saw this… and I just had to come and give you a mega hug!!!! I hope you enjoyed yourself all day, and that this pizza will be delicious!!!! Cheers to you!! Muah!!!


  3. Happy Birthday, Suze! Looks like some happy memories have been made for your day! Yay! 🙂


    1. Thank you!!!!! Ya got me up dancing! lol


  4. Happy Birthday! 🙂


  5. Sorry I didn’t realize, I’m glad it was a good day for the most part! And it’s wonderful to have so many bloggy friends to wish you HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


  6. Happy birthday, darling Suze!


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