Playing chicken

I am sure many of you have already seen the giant chicken on the plaza outside the White House. I was busy playing yesterday so I missed it on the news.

George pulled it up on a facebook posting and ran the video for me and I have to admit I laughed until I cried.

For the only thought I had during the entire film clip was “well, that certainly is a good representation of our idiot president”.

4 thoughts on “Playing chicken

  1. Suze, you lived within WKBW,Buffalo, NY listening area back in the 60s. Did they not have a “Braak, braak, braak, braaaaak, Chicken Man? Or am I again forgetting my memory meds?


    1. yes they did…..and how old are we that we can remember him? rofl


  2. Too old, but I fondly remember riding around with the top down and a couple six packs of beer, listening to WKBW while my buddy Terry did very terrific Bill Cosby Fat Albert routines.


  3. Hilarious! I love the woman turning cartwheels before Chicken Don!


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