That movie, almost a picture battle with Momma and Cyranny….

… or just comment… personally I can’t even put up a gif… freaks me out too much… and she whispers Chucky…

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For me, it was the original “Invaders From Mars”….the crystal implantation into the parents brains to make them obey the Martians…the horrid noise from those bazooka like things that melted then exploded rocks…the sands that sucked unwitting people into them and down into the Martians grasp…the scary head in a glass jar leader of the Martians…but the worst part? The absolutely most terrifying part/  That was when the little boy woke up the day after the Martians were all killed off and he saw it all starting again!

4 thoughts on “That movie, almost a picture battle with Momma and Cyranny….

  1. The traumatizing one for me was “The Night of the Hunter” still can’t hear that song he sang.


    1. Robert Mitchum was so…..creepy! I, for years, thought he was a serial killer no matter what role he played!


  2. I would have to say The Exorcist. Between the satanic voices and the use of Tubular Bells, it was the hardest movie for me to watch growing up.


    1. that’s one I have never yet seen…not that I want to do so now. I don’t. I saw the trailer for it and said “no way, jose!”. Just the commercials made me hate tubular bells!


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