A reminder of presidents past

I listened in horror to the president of the United States stating “North Korea best not make any more threats to the United States. They will be met with fire and fury like the world has never seen . . .”and then later following up that horrible remark with “Military solutions are now fully in place, locked and loaded, should North Korea act unwisely. Hopefully, Kim Jong Un will find another path!”.

My first thought was that of all people to threaten he couldn’t have picked a more childish, narcissistic adversary than Kim Jong Un..the man MOST likely to destroy the planet if he feels like he can get away with it. He’s a four year old with an entire country under his control.

Then I realized, so is the President.  He is a four year old in charge of a country.

I remember being ALMOST this frightened as a child during the Cuban Missile Crisis. My dad, a civilian employee at Ft Belvoir Virginia, stayed away from home for almost a week during October of 1962.

He explained before he suddenly left for work on a SATURDAY with a filled suitcase that “the president is working to solve a really bad situation.  I love you children. Be good for your mom, but be good for your teachers too”.

That was strange as Dad had never told us anything about how we were to act at school..and it was really strange that he sounded as if he wanted to cry when he said goodbye.

On Monday, we had our first “atomic bomb drill” and our teachers showed a film on how to “duck and cover” in case an atomic bomb exploded. We were then organized into two lines and filed out of the classrooms and into the hallway. We then sat against a cold tile wall, bent over and covered our heads for minutes until a bell rang. One kid (Randy N. from down the street) made a joke and was shouted at by a teacher.  She actually SHOUTED. “This is serious, you could DIE! WE ALL COULD DIE!”

Several of us started to cry when she said that.  I remember Mrs. Auerbach, our principal, leading away that teacher.  I never saw the teacher again and a substitute was brought in for the rest of the year.

After school, we walked home, but the principal made us all walk “in pairs”. It didn’t matter if we knew each other or not, it was holding hands walking home. That continued until early December of 1962.

I remember my mother sitting in front of the CBS news every night, watching intently. It worried us that she was so obviously worried. Being in a military town I knew that other children’s parents were called away; I knew that there was a fear the kids would never again see mom or Dad…we knew what bombs could do.  Our parents had lived through WWII and KNEW what an atomic bomb would do to us.  We knew we would be the first target for any Cuban Missiles as we were within 60 miles of Washington DC.

We also had an adult in the White House. We knew he would seriously attempt to solve this crisis without bloodshed. We knew he would do everything in his power to keep us safe.

We knew Mr. Kennedy would seriously attempt to solve this crisis without bloodshed. We knew he would do everything in his power to keep us safe.

I wish I could say the same for Mr. Trump.


6 thoughts on “A reminder of presidents past

  1. I also remember. You and I have been fortunate to be witness to 2 of the greatest Presidents in history….Kennedy and Obama. They came from the same mold. Our current POTUS shows just how deep his deficiencies are by having a need to ostracize Obama and in the same breath compare himself to Lincoln. He’s a madman, Suze.


    1. I know. Now how in the name of everything Holy do we (as a Nation) get rid of him? And I am beginning to think that even asking that question will soon be considered treasonous.


      1. I don’t know. Got to keep the faith and stay strong in what we know as Truth.


      2. I was military during the Vietnam protests and could not participate. Today is different. I know who I am, what is right, and I will be honored to sacrifice what is left of my life to fight what I know is wrong.


  2. You’re right, that was an unbelievable time in our history, and the only reasonr it didn’t spiral out of control was because of Kennedy’s leadership and because he listened to the people who worked for him. While I think N. Korea is a problem, I think ultimately China will back him down, they have too many financial interests in the US to let anything happen. My bigger concern is for the tragic situation in VA today. No matter how far we say we’ve come, racism and hate still have a strangle hold on our country. We need to look a little harder at the things and people that prevent at making us great…


  3. Reading this, you can’t imagine the sigh of relief I let out when it seems the brawl has been postponed between the two petulant children. I pray we all survive Donald Trump.


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