Back in a Jiffy

jiffy  As in “I’ll be back in one?”  Perhaps it is referencing a LUBE shop of National “fame”?

George said while looking over my shoulder at the prompt “Could be peanut butter, you know.  Or Popcorn. Or cornbread.”  I think he was hungry. He reminded me that I had not fed him this morning…so I asked if he wanted canned or dry food in his dish.

He wasn’t all that pleased with my response and went off to the kitchen to make his own danged food.

Where are these crazy words coming from?  It’s as if Mr. Daily Prompter has regressed to the 1950’s with some of them.  How on Earth are the kids that blog supposed to write anything when the words practically went out of usage two generations ago?

That got me thinking of words I used as a teen, much to my parent’s despair and disgust, instead of using the appropriate word…you know..SLANG.

There was “butters”…no, we weren’t speaking of dairy products.  Butters was used for an “ugly” person.  And there was “head”, not the thing that holds your brain…we meant a bathroom.

We used “item” to denote a couple…and “Doofus” to denote a sort of stupid clumsy person….and “Dork” for someone that just doesn’t get it…whatever “IT” was at the time.

“Fag” was a cigarette, not a derogatory term for a human being.

“Righteous” was a single word statement of how wonderful something was…didn’t have a thing to do with religion.

“Far out” meant that it amazed us in a good way “Bummer” was amazingly bad and worthy of sympathy.

I hear some of the stuff the teens are saying today and now understand why my parents got “that look” on their faces.  What we were saying was incomprehensible to them…just as what the kids are saying today is beyond my ability to understand them

But, that’s the whole point of slang, isn’t it?


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