The NEWS that should have passed me by…………..

I was wandering through the interweb browsing the assorted local and state “news” channels when I came across this: “Former state Sen. Kyle Loveless misused his campaign funds to go Christmas shopping, travel to Oklahoma-Texas games, pay his divorce attorney and buy a massage”( Nolan Clay)  Buy a MASSAGE? Hoo Boy!

Kyle Loveless


And my first thought was “oh boy, you just can’t make this stuff up!” even though I know beyond a shadow of a doubt there will be people saying “oh Suze, you made that up”.  Nope. It’s real, and oh so “news-worthy”.  I mean…the guy’s NAME is Loveless and he used campaign contributions to pay for a DIVORCE! Just LOOK at all that irony! It’s wonderful in a completely twisted way!

It got me searching for more and more idiotic stories about politicians…well, the stories weren’t idiotic…the things the pols got caught doing was.

Joaquin Castro (API)

For example: Julian Castro, campaigning to become mayor of San Antonio, Texas, in 2005, threw away his chances when he dealt with a clash of schedules by getting his identical twin brother to stand in for him at a civic parade while he attended a campaign meeting.

Julian Castro (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

Harold Gunn, campaigning as a Republican candidate for the Texas House of Representatives, lost at the primary stage in March when it was reported that he had written and appeared in a pornographic film featuring naked women jogging through a Houston park and lathering themselves with motor oil. Gunn said this showed him to be “a communicator,”

Tracy City, Tennessee residents elected a dead man to the office of Mayor. One resident remarked “I’da voted for anyone but that awful lady”.  That “awful lady” got 20 votes, the deceased person received 892.

And it isn’t just here in the States that politicians do stupid stuff.  I was amazed to find Great Britian at the top of the interweb listings for dumb politicos.

Fair warning to my unaware readers…they seem to have a LOT of eating disorders in Great Britian……

David Cameron has no idea how to eat a hot dog. I’m not sure if the British call a hot dog a hot dog, but there’s only one right way to eat it and it isn’t with a knife and fork!


Ed Miliband was the Labour leader in 2015’s election, and there was a lot of outrage over the way he ate a sandwich. A bacon sandwich. Not “real” bacon but that slab of ham the Brits call bacon bacon. Apparently this mattered way more than things that might actually affect the British public. I found a video on you tube just for this post

I wonder why we have no you tubes of Mr Trump eating a sandwich…oh wait. He has the KFC pictures! he doesn’t need a sandwich one.

Back to the brits…

Poor Theresa May hates “chips”…now to you uneducated Americans, Peruvians and other not quite so Britishy educated as myself…chips are what we call French Fries..and not just any fries, but the really fat ones.  And it is painfully obvious that Ms. May has a…well….feeling of disgust about having to put such a thing into her mouth.  And someone dared to take a photo of her not so happily eating one. She reminded me of a contestant on one of those horrible “reality” shows where they make you “eat bugs for $50,000.00!!!”. Her reaction set off a firestorm of public outrage

The conclusion I draw from all of this is….

Nope, forget it. I don’t have any conclusions.  I do feel better though that other countries have silly, stupid, ignorant and totally worthless politicans too. It isn’t just An American Problem.


6 thoughts on “The NEWS that should have passed me by…………..

  1. There’s my old Suze! Doing what she does best! Love it. Your humor brightened my day.


    1. I can only keep up the righteous indignation for so long…then the nuttiness has to come through! lol


  2. Suze news!! I love it 🙂 xx


  3. Remember Kruschev banging his shoe on the desk at the UN? Lordy! Remember the news flash when Jimmy Swaggart and lil Jimmy got caught being trashy? And who was it that made national news with his “toe-tapping” episode in the men’s bathroom? Good post Suze. Thanks


    1. oh lordie, I remember all of those! lol


  4. You probably should have tried Egyptian politicians for the most idiotic actions ever.


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