Lack of brains, the park and other things………..

It was suggested that I write a post about the stupid things Egyptian politicians do.  I was scrolling through google images looking for those “stupid” people when I came across these.

I can’t help but think that the government has been adding something to our water supplies……..

I gave up on finding stupid politicians and decided to work on the daily prompt for today.  It is “prickle”.  I have to admit I had never heard the word before so I wasn’t quite sure what I was looking for….do you think this qualifies as prickle?



Now everyone has seen the signs at parks that say “don’t feed the bears”…They should have put up one saying “don’t play with bears”. Somehow I don’t see this turning out well.

And one hopes that during driver’s education classes the kids are warned not to drive over other cars, but it seems this guy failed the class.

How exactly does one get a car to end up like that anyway? He seems to have jumped over the little black car to attack the red one………..I wonder just how that red vehicle ticked off the brown one? Did it take the brown car’s parking space?  I doubt I will ever know.

I flipped a page in google images and found this…now I loved playing with my children on jungle gyms and slides when they were small. I’d still play on them today if the kids wouldn’t commit me to a mental institution. 40 year old children have no sense of humor. But I think, even with all of my goofiness I would have failed to attempt doing this.

I think the dumbest picture I found though was this guy. It took me a minute to actually recognize just how stupidly he was acting.  I was focusing on his hands when I should have been looking at his head!



3 thoughts on “Lack of brains, the park and other things………..

  1. Thanks, Suze. I needed a few laughs today.


  2. Oh my word!!!! These are (literally) frighteningly-funny! Thanks for sharing 🙂


  3. Holy manure! That is all I can say.


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