SparkyJen made me think..and that’s hard to do!

Yep, she did. She (SparkyJen or just Jen as I call her) made a lovely comment on another post that sort of ambled, wandered, promenaded along going nowhere until it loitered in the wrong space and time, then finally meandered away to other more important things.

Now if I can just remember where I was going with this post, we might wander on into something good.

Oh yea…….Jen said:

“What about tootle, promenade?

The word amble originated from Middle English, which is a mixture of Old English and Anglo-Norman. Amble originally denoted a horse’s gait). 14th Century. I see Old French, and Latin influences too.

Here’s a few you may recognize: napron [apron], ham [home], ban [bone], stan [stone], siting [sitting].

The period, way they spoke, what they referenced to be similar in understanding & the make-a-word they fashioned from it. Fascinating!”

Well, I have to admit that I have Charleston, SC no less where it was not just the height of fashion and couth but an accepted form of serious one-up-man-ship during the 60’s. I meandered along the Battery (just three blocks from my great aunt Sadie’s home on Tradd Street)

2nd house from the right is Great Aunt Sadie’s..well, back in the 60’s anyway.

with GA Sadie and her best friend, Miss Gloriosa.

I loved Miss Gloriosa’s name…couldn’t stand the woman though. She smelled like bacon grease and baby powder….and she patted our heads…and pinched our cheeks and said: “gimme some sugar, baby”….I realize now (as a semi-adult) that Miss Gloriosa looked remarkably like Betty Davis in “Whatever Happened to Baby Jane”. No wonder I couldn’t stand her pinching my cheeks!

I had been banished to Charleston in the summer, along with my two brothers, by my mother who said, “If I don’t get rid of these heathen’s for a month I am really going to drown them all”.  I don’t think she was serious, but then Daddy drove us all to Great Aunt Sadie’s within a day or so… maybe she was.

In any event, it was the upper-class (read snobbish) thing to do…to promenade around the Battery in the evenings. Miss Gloriosa and G.A.Sadie would wear floaty floral dresses, big garden party hats, and carry a parasol and fan…we’d HAVE TO WEAR SHOES!!!

In the SUMMER! I lost just one shoe during my first summer in Charleston. I figured I would get a whupping if I lost would get me barefoot with a lecture.

Every now and then, if we had been very good during the day (read that as we hadn’t got caught being ourselves!) we’d get to ride in a carriage back home again. 

It’s amazing to me the memories that pop up just because we see, or use, an obsolete word….like promenade.



2 thoughts on “SparkyJen made me think..and that’s hard to do!

  1. Frankly, my dear, that is an utterly charming story.


    1. thank you kind sir……….lolo


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