quilting all willy-nilly

I am making a quilt.

It started out as a bicolor star pattern but after sewing the “inside” pieces I sort of wonked out and just put things together all willy-nilly  so the “pattern” ended up being off-center.

And I like it this way.

I found some table cloth “runners” at a thrift store for the backing. I took them apart and then sewed several pieces back together again for a large back piece.

I have added “batting” and pinned the whole thing (all three layers) together.  Now the hard part.

I have to wait..

Oh not to sew it together, but for a quilting frame I ordered online to arrive so the sewing actually becomes “easy”.

I looked for a few hours online trying to find the perfect frame. Something small enough to fit the house without having a rummage sale to get rid of furniture…something large enough to hold the quilt off the floor..something small enough (and light enough) that I could move it by myself, yet heavy enough not to flip over the minute I placed the quilt pieces on it.

I finally found one and thought “oh boy! Road Trip!” when I saw it was located in Stillwater.

OSU, stillwater, ok


Then I read the fine print “online sale only”. Well crap. That means I either buy it and ship it to the store (ROAD TRIP!) or I ship it here.

Shipping price to the store was 36.00………to home? It was 8.00.

I figure by buying it online and shipping it home I have saved 28.00 which now I can spend on a……….ROAD TRIP!


2 thoughts on “quilting all willy-nilly

  1. I like both sides. Very nice, but takes too much patience for me. I’m exhausted just cutting out frogs I printed out for L birthday bags!


    1. I like frogs. I wonder what a frog quilt would look like and if my mind would be thoroughly lost if I attempted to create one/


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