To those who voted for POTUS45 a question

How do you like him now?

After the outrageous debacle of a press conference yesterday, how can you still support him? You didn’t see it?

Where have you been then?  In a desert with your head buried in the sand?

We warned you that POTUS45 was a bigot. A Racist. A Misogynist. A sexist. We told you he would divide further our beloved Nation. 

You wanted a change. Well, I suppose you did indeed get change with this man.  You got Nazis in the streets of America pontificating…shouting out epithets and doing so with the PERCEIVED BLESSINGS of this man.  For he did not decry them. He failed to strongly condemn their words and their behaviors.passport blog wiki commons

He, in no uncertain terms, confirmed his belief that there are people he considers beneath him and not worthy of protections given to them Constitutionally. We saw him say there are “good people” when speaking of hate groups, specifically the KKK, White Supremacists, and Neo-Nazis.

How can he call people “good” who would happily kill his daughter and grand children because they are Jewish?

I am sorry that you did not see in time to prevent this man from becoming president just exactly who he is. I can only pray that you see him without those rose-colored glasses now.

People are saying they are “surprised” by his words.  By his frothing at the mouth attack once again on the media, by his apparent approval of NAZIS.  My response to you?  HOW COULD YOU POSSIBLY BE “SURPRISED”? He showed us all exactly who he is on the campaign trail.  Weren’t you listening?

He showed who he was for over two years before he was elected. Weren’t you watching?  Did you NOT hear him say to beat up protestors? The rest of the world heard it.

You made excuses for him over and over again. You said “he’s a businessman, not a politician”,  or “he will learn how to be a president, give him time to get used to the job”.

I ask you now, How much LONGER do we wait?  Do we wait and see how many more anarchists, Nazis and KKK members end up as “counselors” to him?  

Do we wait until it is once again legal for one political party to steal the rights of voters through gerrymandering?

Do we wait for laws to be passed that discriminate against women, blacks, natives, gays, etc?  OH WAIT! We already HAVE some of them.

Do we wait for the disintegration of our Constitution? OH WAIT! The first amendment is under attack EVERY SINGLE TIME HE OR YOU SAY FAKE NEWS. It is under attack by certain states passing laws that say it is perfectly okay for you to RUN OVER a protestor should one be in your way.

Are you going to stand by and excuse his encouragement of bigotry and misogyny? For by NOT saying these groups are disgusting, dehumanizing, hate-filled groups and a danger to the United States he is encouraging their despicable behavior and speech.  AND YOU ARE HELPING HIM DO SO BY YOUR DESPICABLE AND TACIT APPROVAL!

So, again I ask, how do you like him now?


5 thoughts on “To those who voted for POTUS45 a question

  1. Suze, great post. My personal conclusion is that nobody was deceived. They knew what they were voting for. How could they not know? He presented his bigotry at every rally during the campaign. He filled the WH with like-thinking people. Suze, they knew. There is no ‘coming together’. People of conscience like us cannot possibly walk hand-in-hand with them. Their vote was driven by a fear of losing a white, Christian controlled America.


    1. then I firmly believe it is time for a Native, Jewish, Muslim, African-American, Asian, Hispanic, LBGT person in the white house!


  2. Absolutely, the time has come to rock the white man’s world. Obama, though not perfect, was our wake-up call.


  3. Standard response: “Still better than Clinton.”


    1. isn’t that the truth? lol


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