How to get your senators and congressmen to listen.

It occurred to me as I was once again speaking with my congressman that the only way we Americans have to get the politicians on the right to actually listen is to hit them where it hurts. Oh, No…all you stop thinking about kicking them in their dangly parts! I didn’t mean that…altho………….no, hit them where the money lies.

My own congressman has stock in Trump products.  So, in order to get his attention that stock should start plummeting along with a brief note saying that the stores which sell these products are losing money.

If they own stock in Amazon, Walmart, Saks, etc boycott the heck out of those companies..and tell them why!

Letters work as well…to the companies.

For those that do not know, there is a lovely website available with a detailed listing of companies and how they are connected. It is called GrabYour Wallet. Check it out and make your purchases, or lack of purchases put the pressure on our leaders.

It’s worth a shot.

3 thoughts on “How to get your senators and congressmen to listen.

  1. Yes, yes, yes, and the money we give to charity……at least a half dozen including Red Cross, Salvation Army, Susan B. Komen pulled out of Mar-a Largo for their fund raising event…and Apple Computer is pledging a million $$$ each to SPLC and Anti-Defamation league along with an employee contribution fund which Apple will match 2 to 1. You nailed it Suze, hit em where it hurts. Be safe this weekend.


    1. thanks sweetie. have started an email and letter campaign here in town with my indivisible group..sending notice to everyone on the list . They should be very frightened…Suze is back in 1971 holy warrior mode! lol


  2. Interesting idea.


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