lurching along

Wow.  Okay, Maybe the daily prompter is hungry…perhaps he or she missed breakfast.  But lunch?  really?  Okay..well as a diabetic (well pre-diabetic but on meds) I have to be careful of what I eat and when I eat it. I actually took a class on diabetes so I could help my friend then discovered halfway through I needed to help myself as well.  It made me change how I even think about food.

Oh, great.  George came in and once again started laughing at me. I got a bit perturbed, but then he took off my bifocals, put my computer glasses on my head and said, “Look at the word, Suze”.

Yep, I did it again…going off on tangents and blaming them on hungry prompters…the word is  lurch, not lunch!

Here we go……..LURCH!

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