you can go blind doing that ya know………

Yes, the childhood is still intact and semi-functioning.  Today, George and I were sitting on the front lawn with a cardboard box and a piece of paper looking at the total eclipse.

I grabbed my next door neighbor, a young girl about 20 years old and dragged her over to see it.  She didn’t know a person could see it with this childish contraption we had brought out.

Then she said, “just use your iphone..put it on selfie, then point and click without looking”.

So, of course, I did. Now, by the time she said it and I had grabbed the phone, the elcipse was already over…but I got some really cool pictures anyway!

5 thoughts on “you can go blind doing that ya know………

  1. Beautiful photos! We thought about doing that, but it was so overcast cloudy here we couldn’t see anything anyway. Glad you got to.!


    1. I had to try once the child next door said it was possible. Of course, she had to set up the camera as I didn’t know how! LOL


  2. You got great pictures! We were in Michigan and didn’t get to see hardly anything–just a little overcast. I’m glad you didn’t go blind doing that! 🙂


    1. held the phone above my head and never looked up. I didn’t even know I could take a picture with this phone until the girl next door showed me. lol


  3. cool pictures. We only saw the partial eclipse.


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