ooze? That’s just plain disgusting!

Ooze?  Really?  OOZE? Like slimy, nasty, gelatinous crap? Yuck! Why would anyone want a post about OOZE for Pete’s sake? Did you ever notice that sake is sake in America but Sake (an oozy type of Booze) in Japan? What’s up with that? But I digress.

photo by Johnnie Moore

Ooze makes me think of childhood rhymes…like “greasy grimy gopher guts”


…..or things from Dr. Who (yes, I do realise those are packing materials and not ooze)


………or the slime that covers three-day old fried okra. (well it could be fresh okra too…that’s pretty oozy stuff).

I am pretty sure there was a kid’s game or toy that was all about ooze. It wouldn’t have been something I bought for my kids as they found enough natural ooze on their own.

Why would anyone buy THAT for children?  It’s disgusting!

I’m sorry, but I really don’t have anything to say about Ooze.  It’s oozy?  It’s icky? It’s slimy?

Yea…I think that pretty much wraps it up.

5 thoughts on “ooze? That’s just plain disgusting!

  1. You, Suze, ooze good humour.


  2. I was tempted to say ‘snooze’ or ‘booze’ rather than ‘good humour’, but decided truth was more important than rhyme 🙂


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