where can I find a bee that quilts?

I need to find people for a quilting bee…or a bee that quilts. This stuff isn’t easy!

It took a little over three hours to build the quilt rack I purchased.  You’d think it would have been easy. Well, it would have been if the company had decided to put directions into the packaging.  

I finally got the materials I am quilting on the blasted thing and started to tie off the sections with different colored threads.

I like the way it is looking but I have to wonder…………..

How in Hades did women do this sort of work without needlenose pliers and a quilt frame?  It is HARD to push a needle through two layers of fabric and the batting!

mennonite quilters 1910, photo Enid History Museum with permission


They must have had fingers of steel and muscles the size of body builders!

I come from a long line of women who quilted.  The exception being my mother, who thought quilting was beneath her dignity. I found a picture in amongst all Mother’s old photos showing my Great, Great Grandmother with several of her quilts.

I look at the one right behind her and think “gee, mine is similar to that”.  Now granted hers looks so much better than mine, but she made over 100 quilts in her lifetime and this is my very first one.  So in all actuality, mine is better. (yes, that was rather illogical thinking but I don’t care!)

GG GM and her quilts 1893


my first quilt. beginning the sewing to connect the layers.



3 thoughts on “where can I find a bee that quilts?

  1. My granddaughters were taught sewing and quilting by one of their math tutors, an exceptionally talented woman. After all, she teaches math! They’ve made many. I’ll write about it maybe. Then I could display some of their efforts. They made a quilt for my daughter, their mom out of my husband’s flannel shirt collection as a memorial. Cool kids! Good luck. I no longer have the dexterity or patience for it.


  2. Glad you got your frame together! I remember my grandma quilted all the time. She had a frame that hung from the ceiling, and she’d lower it when quilting, and raise it when not in use. I sat around with my mom, grandma, and aunt while we all did some sewing the layers together. It was fun. I’ve never actually made a whole one, but have made a few tops. Sounds like you are enjoying the process so far. 🙂


    1. I WISH I had one that hung from the ceiling! I just don’t have any ceilings without fans attached and running…I am actually having a blast with this quilt! I didn’t think I would enjoy the work as much as I do. …and already planning another one,.


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