Inward reflection begets more questions.

Response to A Sunken Thought’s blog post………….Inward Reflection

Shay wrote “When did we become a collaboration of hateful, death-wishing, unforgiving, fearmongers? The whole idea of America was to create a land of the free, where ideas could be discussed without malice and fabrications of fact. ”  and eventually followed that thought with this : “We used to have our own culture, our own life style, our own ways of life. Thanks to America being the “melting pot”, we no longer have a culture.”

Now, I adore Shay.  I often call her my mini-me as we like and think so many things on the same level.  Then again, sometimes we disagree rather vehemently. No matter if we argue or agree, we always respect the other and try to make our “arguments” valid, truthful and impersonal. I would no more wish to hurt her feelings than I would my own child’s feelings. With that in mind, here is my response which became far too large for a remark on her blog. So forgive me, mini-me, for creating an entire post in my response to you.

Which American culture will we end up espousing as the one true American culture?

I can almost guarantee it won’t be the Native American’s..nor the Black Americans. It can’t be the Mexican Americans..they were here before anyone ever came over from England. Or the French American….how do we choose?

The puritans? Sorry, but I can’t go there either. Those people tortured young women and cast out anyone that dared to say they thought things should be different.

I understand the frustration. This whole situation with the two opposing parties, their followers, the cabinet, the senate and congress…they ALL make me a bit nuts. But again, how do we decide which ‘culture” we will adhere to? Not the Southern one with waving battle flags and misogyny. Not the Northern one with its biases either. Not even the So California Raisen bran variety.

Do we go back to times when it was illegal for a homosexual to even live openly? How about to the times when it was considered an “honor’ for a southern man to dress up in a sheet and go lynch people of color, and set their houses and businesses on fire?

To a time when women didn’t have the right to earn a decent wage? or even to get a job?

Do we go back to the time when it was legal to put atheists into mental institutions? After all, if they didn’t believe in God they were quite obviously mentally ill.

And should we be Catholic of Protestant?

It is precisely because America was celebrated as a “melting pot” that our founders made damned sure there was no state religion, that people did have the right to speak their minds. It sometimes sucks when Americans all spout forth their own opinions on whatever the issue of the day is, but that is exactly what makes us Americans. I don’t want anyone to die. I don’t wish anyone a horrible torture..I just want our republic to continue.

I also want equal rights for every single American…and that means I have to shut up when they are speaking and let them do it. Then can I let them know how I feel about whatever they said.

I only have one caveat to the former statement. If it is Hate Speech” of any kind…neonazi, kkk, alt-right, etc, etc etc..all bets are off and if I can shout them down screaming “that is UnAmerican!” or “That is unacceptable” I will do so.

3 thoughts on “Inward reflection begets more questions.

  1. Isn’t it interesting that your friend Shay was oblivious to the contradictions in her comment?


  2. This seems to be a worldwide 21st century phenomenon. Same thing happening in India, I just had an argument with my brother about it. Even people who wouldn’t hurt a fly seem to think it’s understandable, if not ok, that other people hate other people. Can’t believe this is the land of Gandhi any more.


  3. I agree with Fandango^^^^^^


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