The vacation race is on……….

OK, we need to synchronize our watches, because the great camping adventure is about to be scheduled. I don’t want anyone to miss it…especially ME!

I WISH I could afford this!

Yep. We’re planning another camping week.  Now for most people (young and healthy ones) going camping is simply a matter of grabbing some spare clothes a tent and whammo! You are done and ready to go.

When a person gets older (and creaky and achy and semi-disabled) it takes a little more prep and a whole lot of planning. It takes a lot of equipment to be comfortable…and since we can’t afford a huge camper van we have to improvise at times.

We used to just fill up a cooler with food and drink, pack a backpack and grab a two-person tent and off we went for weeks at a time. Now, we have an “instant” tent that sleeps ten. We have a shower and changing tent….that also has our foldable port-a-potty in it.

tent and camp kitchen
the shower/potty tent

We have a camp kitchen table with wash stand and faucet..a couple of coleman stoves/grills, a couple of folding tables for food prep and cooking…not to mention the cots.

We have some sleeping bags but let’s face it. George and I are oldies and semi-crotcheties and we need our sleep. So a sleeping bag on top of a blow up mattress no longer cuts it.

For one thing, neither one of us has the air to blow up the mattress, and secondly, neither one of us can easily get up off the ground once we manage to get down there. So we have two oversize cots that we lash together and put a futon mattress on top of them.  Do NOT buy one of these double cots!

We learned the hard way….the first night we had a cot built this way, two of the “legs” popped out of the grommets and Garry had a really bad, deep, ragged cut on his hand from one of them. We tried a second cot built the same way, and barely escaped being slashed when it collapsed on the first night. It is so much safer, and sturdier, to buy two cots and lash them together. these came with velcro straps for that very purpose.

This means we take along queen sheets, a blanket and a quilt or two. Of course, we take our pillows.  And when I am in a wonderful mood I actually string up white Christmas lights inside the tent for a bit of glamour. Heck, I even have camping rugs for placing just inside and outside of the tent door. The one thing I refuse to do though is this….

We saw this set up the last time we went and, forgive me,…those people were idiots! I could see it tent camping in a desert but we were right next to a lake with cool breezes blowing all day and night.

Believe it or not, I can get everything into the bed of our truck for easy transportation…just not if I have “help” from George. He is a wonderful man but trig was beyond him in school and I mastered the process so packing up is my job.

So, the schedule is on for some time in October for a week’s duration….and I can hardly wait. Even if it does mean I have to pack the truck.


5 thoughts on “The vacation race is on……….

  1. Now THAT is camping!! I can see how it takes time and organisation to get all prepped up though. But I am sure it is totally worth the hard work!

    Where will you go for your gettaway? 🙂


    1. to a gorgeous lake just southwest of us in the hills. it is run by the US Corps of engineers and we get in free due to George’s army retirement and pass. There’s swimming, boating, fishing, hiking, horseback riding, water skiing, or just hanging around. Plus a campfire at night, a small glass of wine and the stars………….sigh


      1. Nice 🙂 Sounds amazing!! I hope you’ll bring back tons of pictures to share!!


      2. oh yea! You too, miss “I’m going to Denmark”! lol


      3. Will do! That’s for sure 🙂 🙂 🙂


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