daily prompt has to wait

as does the rest of this blog. My son and his wife live in Houston. Their street was shown on the television last night as being 90% underwater…homes and buildings flooded and the water rising. I have no idea whether they were rescued or not.

Red Cross, while a wonderful organization that does so much good during disasters, is overcome with calls and requests for information….so I wait.

While I am waiting, the jackass of a president we have is tweeting and I am becoming more and more angry and frustrated with our government.

So, in an effort to save my mind, heart and soul  (thinking of beating people is frankly quite bad for my soul) I am going offline until I hear something about my first-born and his wife.

Pray for Houston and all the flooded areas in Texas. Thanks.

9 thoughts on “daily prompt has to wait

  1. My warmest thoughts are with you and your family, Suze… 😦 😦 😦


  2. Praying and hoping they are safe and well.


  3. Praying that your family in Houston is safe.


  4. Thoughts and prayers for your son and his wife.You and George as well.


  5. So sorry. I hope everyone and everything is okay.


  6. While browsing, I came across this link, I hope it may be helpful.


    May all Houston inhabitants be sound and safe.


  7. Keeping you and your family in my heart.


    1. Ends and Beginnings posted a piece this morning with a picture he had found somewhere online..and right there in the background was my daughter in law with the dog i gave them a few years ago. So knowing she is okay means my son is as well. The blessings I have received from the simple act of joining this blog group have been amazing! So while I have not spoken to them, I know they are alive and well.


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