conversation with a third grader

I simply do not understand how people can continue to “support” this president.  Don’t they have any critical thinking skills?  Don’t they have any compassion for refugees, for people of color, for women or children? Or do they honestly believe that the news is so extremely biased that all of it is completely fabricated from some insane person’s imagination?

Even the eight-year-old down the street asked “Why does the president lie all the time?  Mom punishes me when I lie; doesn’t his Mom punish him?”

I honestly wasn’t sure how to answer her questions beyond saying “Honey, I think he is a really sick person and can’t help it”.

And she asked: “Why doesn’t the government make him stop being the president then? Are they sick too?”.

And I don’t have any answers for her.


2 thoughts on “conversation with a third grader

  1. It is very difficult to be “understanding” with this man. Yesterday, in the Oval Office, he declared Sunday a national day of prayer stating that it has been a very, very long time since we have had a national day of prayer….liar, liar pants on fire. Then, with “men of faith” surrounding him and laying hands on him, one of the godly men offered a distinctly Christian (complete with “in the name of Jesus Christ”) version of prayer for the nation. Trump, with head bowed and hands folded, was the poster child for piety. As a person of inclusiveness, I was deeply offended. In the same breath he is considering ending DACA, the dreamers program. Suze, the man is deeply flawed.


    1. I fear him writing an exec order that states “Christianity is the national religion”…I can see him doing it with the blessings of Franklin Graham and Mike Pence, regardless of what the Constitution states.


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