2017 challenge: Back where I come from…..

Yes, yes, I know, I know. I am just now noticing a challenge that is three days in…..what can I say? I’ve been busy?  Yea, that works. So I figure I can just do a three in one post and catch up.

So…here we go…the September 2017 challenge based on a song by some Chesney or other……..

Day one:

  1. Were you raised in the town in which you were born? Where were you raised?

I was born in Alexandria, Virginia and raised in the small town of Springfield, Va.

Day 2:

2.Were either of your parents raised in your hometown? If not, how did they end up there?

Mother was from Gates County, North Carolina and Daddy was from Falls Church, Virginia. They met in NYC after WWII, when Dad was attending Columbia University and Mother was working at NY Presbyterian Hospital. After Dad graduated and they married, Dad accepted a job in Washington DC and they moved into an apartment in Arlington, VA.  When Mom became pregnant with me, they relocated to a brand new town called Springfield that was within easy commuting distance of Washington.


Day 3:

  1. Were you raised in a town/city or in a rural area? Do you live in the same type of place now?

Springfield was creating as a bedroom community within commuting distance of Washington DC in early 1950. When my parents moved there was one small post office, a Bon Food store and two gas stations. Springfield quickly grew as Military families, and Pentagon employees discovered the town.  Springfield started to seriously grow in the early 1970’s and quickly became a city instead of a town.  Today, it has a population of over 30,000.

It lost some of its population when the highway between Richmond and Washington DC was widened from 2 to six lanes and the Beltway was added.

highway 95 and 495 interchange, Springfield, Va

I not only would not be able to afford to live in my hometown today, but have absolutely no desire to do so.  The town I loved has grown into a traffic snarled suburb of DC with a high crime rate.

Springfield Va skyline 2015

Besides, Fairfax County is now the second most expensive county in the US. George and I would both have to work two and a half jobs to make enough money to keep our lifestyle.

4 thoughts on “2017 challenge: Back where I come from…..

  1. I wonder what nut designed that interchange


    1. I think the same one that designed the Houston Texas interchanges! lol


  2. I think they must have all designed the interchanges in Minneapolis also.


    1. I once got lost for a week on a Minneapolis freeway interchange………..


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