Priceless: Presidential responses

Our president’s responses to the problems we have encountered this past week….  priceless.

“We saw a lot of happiness,” Trump told reporters traveling with him. “It’s been really nice. It’s been a wonderful thing. As tough as this was, it’s been a wonderful thing, I think even for the country to watch it, for the world to watch. It’s been beautiful.”

Asked what people had said to him, Trump replied, “They’re really happy with what’s going on. It’s been something that’s been very well-received. Even by you guys [the media], it’s been well-received.”

Then there was the announcement of a “National Day of Prayer”.  Other presidents have declared the same thing, but none of the others did it in quite this way…..


“From the beginning of our Nation, Americans have joined together in prayer during times of great need,” the official proclamation reads.

“I call on all Americans and houses of worship throughout the Nation to join in one voice of prayer, as we seek to uplift one another and assist those suffering from the consequences of this terrible storm.”

Trump:  while surrounded by Charismatic Christian preachers all “laying hands” and saying “in the name of Jesus Christ”.  The implication was that any and all other religions are invalid.

Meanwhile……….Trump is tweeting like a madman during the early hours of the day…

.”North Korea is a rogue nation which has become a great threat and embarrassment to China, which is trying to help but with little success.”


Doesn’t he have a clue yet that by poking sticks at wild animals they tend to lash out and bite?
Then there is the “tax reform”…of course, no plan has ever been specified beyond saying it is a “great plan, a wonderful plan, you’ll save more money plan”.  So, instead of actually outlining this wonder, glorious plan, what does Trump do?

“Your senator Claire McCaskill, she must do this for you. And if she doesn’t do this for you, you have to vote her out of office,” Trump said.

Yea, he blames a senator for any pending failure of his tax bill (whatever it says) and then tells people to get rid of her.  Nice.

I tell you what…if this tantrum-throwing piece of work wasn’t the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES I would find him to be hysterically funny.  After all, no-one can actually be this stupid………….can they?

5 thoughts on “Priceless: Presidential responses

  1. Suze, my take has been that the clown is presenting the greatest ‘show on earth’ to hide what is happening behind the scenes. In today’s newspaper there’s an article by

    which lists over 1000 “quietly” appointed persons to government jobs of the same political ilk as Trump. It’s an eye-opener and puts the POTUS in a totally different light…..not merely a liar but a scheming, diabolical. conniving liar.


    1. My position now is that the office of POTUS has been hijacked, SCOTUS has been bought, and Congress has been castrated. Keith Olbermann was right several months ago when he said the government overthrow which most of us fear has already occurred and all we can do is “resist”. It’s time to hunker down. Even if trump is deposed, his replacement is by far more sinister simply because of his “evangelical” connection. (I am still puking after seeing that buffoon with bowed head, folded hands doing his best to look pious) Call me cynical if you like, but the time is past for normal channels of change to work.


      1. Every single person that was appointed by Trump, the pres and VP and house speaker all need to be replaced. I’ll keep on shouting, screaming and begging i the local offices of my “representatives” even while knowing they simply do not give a damn; I’ll keep on sending letters, making phone calls, and pushing back against these cretins as long as I have breath in my body.


      2. I’m with you Suze. Senator Nelson, our Democrat does respond, however; Senator Rubio no longer responds to emails other than a form letter saying how committed he is to representing his constituents. Rep. Webster, a Republican ala Trump, holds local ‘listening’ meetings. But, he won’t address the people and refuses questions or discussion. I did not mean we should give up being vocal but I do have a decreased faith in our system. Trump has changed the game rules.


  2. rubio has a bazillion tweets floating around. send one to him…he actually sometimes responds. He tweeted some bible verse this morning and I suggested nicely instead of verses to get off his lazy ass and do his job. I got blocked so I know he reads them. lol


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