Back where I come from, day 4

The 2017 challenge, Back Where I Come From brought to us by McClendon Villiage, is on day four now. I actually went back to the original post to find out what Chesney it was based upon…and discovered it is “Kenny Chesney”. Well, that told me absolutely nothing. So I googley-eyed “Kenny Chesney” and came up with this:

Now, at first sight, Mr. Chesney appeared to be an acrobat of some sort. I wasn’t sure why he was wearing a cowboy hat before he goes into his routine,…maybe he is from a western state? This picture wasn’t really telling me anything so I went a little further and checked out his own website. I wondered just how many people knew other acrobats with websites…

Then I discovered he is a singer! And then it all made sense for a challenge to be about a song!  (Everyone groan and say “duh, Suze”). What can I say except I like classical…and classic rock. So……back to the challenge! (about time, Suze)

Day four:

  1. What were your hobbies as you were growing up?

Hobbies?  I don’t think I really had any hobbies when I was a child.  I tended to be outside playing “war”, “cowboys and Indians”, “Robin Hood” or some other oddball game where I could beat up my baby brother and run around the woods with Randy Nuckles.

The things that we did in our spare time, when we weren’t creating havoc outside, all had to do with chores.

I for myself and my brothers.  I mended clothes. I crocheted socks and scarves for winter.

I did needlework like crewel and embroidery..but again, it was to either decorate clothing or make a wall-hanging or pillow. I didn’t enjoy doing it and I think hobbies are those enjoyable things one does to escape the drudgery of everyday life.

I tried painting one year, but both my older brother Stuart and my dad were artists and my experiments couldn’t compare (except very badly) to the art they created. So I gave that up rather quickly.

I put together one (count them…ONE) model and I almost enjoyed that…it was a ‘visible woman” and was for a science project. I liked putting together puzzles with my baby sister…but again, it was to help teach her…not just to put one together.

I cookedf…and baked (mostly cakes and biscuits) but that was my “job” when Mother went back to work after Anne was born.  My other “job” was to take care of the baby.

So, what did I do for fun?  I read books.  Every single book I could lay my hands on. They were my companions, my dreams and wishes for a future…..I traveled the world, history and space in those books. It took me longer than most other kids to learn how to read (dyslexia/dysgraphia) but once I got the hang of it I was never without a book to read.


6 thoughts on “Back where I come from, day 4

  1. Sounds like you did a lot of fun things, but I agree, when they turn into jobs/chores, it’s not fun any more. I’m glad you joined in the challenge, and I’ll be looking forward to reading more of your answers! 🙂


    1. I really LIKE this challenge so far.


  2. Thank you for joining in our challenge. I hope this comment will go through to you this time. Every time I try, I get an error message of some sort.

    I hate that most of the potentially fun things got turned into a chore for you and that you got discouraged from your art. I am very glad you were able to overcome your obstacles and learn how to read. Books are great and one of my very favorite things. 🙂

    Have a blessed day.


    1. Mother had issues..she was a narcissist and extremely difficult to deal with…I don’t regret being the cinderella in the family as it made me strong enough to survive. And I have my hobbies and books now so it all worked out just fine.


  3. Reading this I felt as if I traveled back in time and got a glimpse on my own childhood. Amazing how similar the things we do as children are, even though we were raised at the two opposite sides of the globe… amazing but not unpredictable.
    I loved playing “Runners and catchers” and also the famous “Police and thieves,” those are some kind of Egyptian versions for “cowboys and indians.” We even tried to dress like the real life persons did; police children put on police hats and badges which we made at home, while thieves put on eye patches, masks, or something of that sort. I also solved puzzles along with my friends. We once finished a 1000 pieces puzzle which took us over three months. I designed and made paintings of many “Khayamya Rugs” (i.e. those oriental style rugs you could’ve seen in the middle east, you can google them, they are amazing). I also spent a lot of time reading police stories and comic magazines, but occasionally I read true literature by one of the highly honored Egyptian writers. Sometimes I helped my older sister in sewing and making weird dolls and bags which was interesting.
    I’m extremely sorry for the long comment here, but your post absolutely struck a chord and intrigued lots and lots of nice memories. Thank you for this extremely heartfelt post.


    1. Ah, can write even longer commentaries should you wish to do so. I own a “Khayamya Rug” that I bought in Fayum, Egypt. It is the most beautiful rug I have ever seen and am so grateful I was able to ship it home.


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