Back Where I Come From Challenge, day 5

Suzanne McClendon has a marvelous challenge called Back Where I Came From.  It’s loosely taken from a song of the same name, and revolves around your hometown and childhood (well, so far anyway).  I am finding it amazingly thoughtful and have remembered things from my childhood that bring a smile to my face. Join in.

Day 5. Where did all the kids “hang” in your hometown?  

I am assuming I should be thinking about my teen years with this question.

As kids, we “hung out’ in each other’s yards.  Oh, we’d escape off to the woods and the railroad tracks behind them every chance we got, but we weren’t “allowed” there so it was always with a heightened sense of urgency and getting away with something.

As a teen, most of the “cool kids” hung out at the bowling alley. We didn’t have a mall and that was the closest thing to a teen friendly place as we could find.

Since I wasn’t a “cool kid” I got to work behind the grill there instead of out front with any friends.

From age 14 to 16 I worked every summer, and the rest of the year it was my responsibility to care for my baby sister. I never did get to just “hang out”.  Nor was I allowed to date until I was a senior in high school, and then it was always a group date, not just a boy and me.

Mother was absolutely convinced that if I went on a date I would come home pregnant.  I am still not sure how that was supposed to happen since I was never alone with any one boy. And, since no other girls were required to “share” dates, I was rarely out with anyone…much less a single boy. My first date was the homecoming dance in October, and my second was the Spring prom right before graduation.  Both times my older brother was along for the date since no girls wanted to have a group date.

During my senior year, our first mall was built, and kids automatically moved from the bowling alley over to the mall.  I was stuck over at the bowling alley making grilled cheese sandwiches and hamburgers.

3 thoughts on “Back Where I Come From Challenge, day 5

  1. I too low what it was like to be raised by overprotective parents, my career started when I was 16 and it was mainly to escape the boredom of my home and earn money at the same time. Soon after I realized that caring for others was my calling and I still do it to this day. I’m thinking we didn’t really miss much (like my senior prom) and maybe our parents were right to be over protective. The Army was my first taste of real freedom (after basic training) and I was in trouble with the boys from the get go.


  2. Know not low, lol


    1. it’s funny..I read “KNOW”


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