Back Where I Come From, day 6

The challenge brought to us by Suzanne McClendon is called Back Where I Come From and loosely based on a song by country singer Kenny Chesney.

It is thought provoking, memory enhancing and a lot of fun.  Why not join in and share some of your own hometowns?

Day 6. Did your town have a river running through or near it? What was its name?

We didn’t have a river.  Springfield, Virginia is just south of Washington DC and just west of the Potomac River.  What we had (have?) are creeks and lakes.

The one that pops up immediately is Accotink Creek and lake. Accotink Lake was created by the Army Corps of Engineers damming up the creek for a steady water supply for the town.  Back in the 50’s it was actually adequate for the population…and it gave us a place to play.

The corps brought in a carousel and a dozen canoes, five paddle boats and a swing set.  Then they gave the “park” to the city to maintain while keeping control of the lake itself.

We’d go to the park every weekend during the summer to canoe, swim and ride the carousel.  The boy scouts manned a small snack shack and made enough money each summer to send their scouts to the national camp.

We would explore an old tunnel that was built during the Civil War……….freaking out over the vast spider webs and the flutter of bats overhead. We would swim, eat junk food, paddle for hours in a canoe and hike through the woods.  All without any adult interference or supervision.

The only weekends we weren’t at that park were the ones in which we were sent to summer camp in Gainesville.

We’d go to the park every Christmas Eve as well. There was a farmer in Annadale that would bring his draft horses and large wagon and we’d go for rides around the lake. If it was cold enough we’d ice skate on the frozen lake.

The park has been “renovated” since I moved away but is still just as active as when I was a child. The carousel was restored and is working again. There are a dozen new paddle boats and another dozen new canoes. And the boy scouts still run a snack bar every summer. It makes me feel good that kids are still enjoying the place where I spent so many happy days when I was a child.


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