Back Where I Come From: day 7

Thanks, Suzanne McClendon for this challenge! Anyone can join in. Just go to Suzanne’s page and start answering questions! It’s that easy.

Day 7: Did you ever participate in creating graffiti or any type of artwork that would have been confrontational?

Not graffiti…that would have been wrong. I tended to rebel against parents, not the community.  I did toilet paper a couple of trees in front of Randy Nuckles house during high school….but that wasn’t at all artistic.

The only “artistic” thing I joined in was painting a mural on the side of an older building with the rest of my class.  The building was owned by the art teacher’s wife and the decoration was to be a surprise for her 35th birthday.

Her parents had been some of the earliest to move into this town when it was developed back in the early 50’s, and our teacher wanted the mural to depict the way Springfield used to be before development.

I don’t know if anyone has ever tried to paint on brick before, but let me tell ya…it ain’t easy!  We eventually, with a lot of spills, smudges and drips got the mural done, but it always looked to me like it was painted by monkeys instead of human art students.

Mrs. Hammand, upon seeing it for the first time, burst into tears.  Mr. Hammand (bless his heart) thought that meant she was extremely happy.  She wasn’t and we spent the next week scrubbing off all the paint.

I am pretty sure Mr. Hammand got back into her good graces the following month, as he bought her a belated birthday present of a 1966 T-bird Convertable which we would see driving around town.

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