Does Pamela make house calls?

I am totally annoyed. (yes, again)  I can’t for the life of me find a particular piece of paper that I KNOW I put on my desk yesterday…or maybe a few days ago. I have searched through every single pile of papers stacked on the desk and that one piece is hiding…..I am pretty sure it decided it didn’t want to be mailed out to some silly company that can’t spell my name properly…that’s the only rational thing I can think since I can’t bloody-well find the danged thing.

Oh I can hear you all thinking “why not just clean off your desk, Suze?”  I DID!  I even wrote a blog post about cleaning off my desk.  AND, I have been stalking Pamela of Bee organized with Pamela fame for over a year.  I have actually LEARNED stuff from her about

I have actually LEARNED stuff from her about organization so  I could find these stupid bits of paper when I need them.

I have made file folders for all my bits and pieces of paper I need to keep…

I have a file cabinet holding all those files. They are color coordinated so I can instantly find the ones in certain categories (or I would be able to if I remembered the color for each category).

I have learned how to throw away stuff I don’t need anymore.

I even made a sock drawer in the bedroom for heaven’s sake! 

I have searched and searched until my brain is spinning and I can not find this danged paper!

I wonder if Pamela makes house calls?


4 thoughts on “Does Pamela make house calls?

  1. I have files too. The only problem is still this moment they are in a box in the c
    Onset under another box. I have to retrieve a document, but also have to wait for someone to move the boxes. Pita!


    1. lol…i am so glad I am not the only one!


  2. Here’s an up side to having a hurricane approaching….I go thru all my important papers, documents, and cards. I make copies and put the copies in my safe. By the time I’m ready to evacuate if necessary, I know where everything is….I’ll share Irma if you like. And yes, Irma does make house calls.


    1. I’d say send her on up here, but she’d have to go through Texas…and those poor people have had enough


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