Back Where I Come From, day 8

Suzanne McClendon is hosting the Back Where I Come From Challenge. Check it out here, and join in.

Day 8: How old were you when you took your first drink of alcohol, if you ever have? What were the circumstances surrounding that moment?

I was 18 years old that day and taken to a bar called the Brown Derby in Burlington, NC by my college roommate to listen to a band. She bought me a sloe gin fizz, which tasted like a melted raspberry slurpie and I guzzled it. ..which made me get another one.  And another one.

I barely remember the night, but I can still taste those sloe gin fizzes. I spent the next two and a half years drinking them like they were going to become extinct and I had to hurry.

I did several things during those years that I would never have done had I been sober.

I flunked out of a college where I had a full-ride music scholarship.

I got a tattoo on my shoulder blade.

I “lost” a car that I still had to pay off for the next three years.

I married a guy I met in a bar because he had a bottle of sloe gin and I was broke.

I was lucky enough to get an annulment before I slept with the guy, who was at least 40 years older than I was at the time.

I crashed a car in the Mississippi River. I don’t remember even driving to the Mississippi River.

I lived in blackouts for three years…I moved in and out of various men’s apartments…I tried to go home and was told to get out and not come back again unless I was sober

I ended up half my original weight, looked ten years older than I was, teeth cracked and falling out and losing my hair, drunk as a skunk on the street when I wandered into an AA meeting. I learned how to get and stay sober.

Hello, my name is Suze…and I am an alcoholic.

6 thoughts on “Back Where I Come From, day 8

  1. Wow! That must have been a tough one to write! Thank you for your honesty, maybe it will help someone else who reads this. I am so glad you got the help you needed and anyone else with a negative opinion can suck an egg. I’m sure you have made your peace with it and all that matters is you and your relationship with God. He is the only judge that matters in the end. Peace is what I wish for you Suze. Have a blessed day! 🙂


    1. I have zero regrets. Becoming an alcoholic was actually a good drove me to learn about the disease and help others.


  2. I did many crazy things in my youth and I am lucky to still be alive and also lucky that I never killed or injured anyone else. Eventually I matured and I was very fortunate that I never got addicted to anything.


  3. So much honesty and bravery to write I would think. I had my first drink at 15 and have never stopped but I am lucky because I seem to have a cut off point and so far 46 years later no ill effects


    1. my biggest problem was that my cut off point never reared its ugly head!


  4. The best part…you lived to tell the story!


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