peculiar limericks

Has anyone else noticed that nothing rhymes with peculiar?

I actually searched the interweb for words that could rhyme.  I don’t know why exactly, but I was thinking of writing a limerick for the daily prompt and I simply can not do it.

It is beyond annoying that I can not do what I wanted to do.  It’s peculiar, actually.

These are a few of the suggestions for “almost rhymes”…I don’t like “almost rhymes, they don’t rhyme at all….any way here is what I was given:

interlobular  (say what?)

juxtaglomerular (Dear LORD what a word!)

Julian  (JULIAN? That isn’t even close!)

Corbusier  (now that word is pronounced “cor-bus-ee-a” how does THAT come close?)

Cuellar OK, cuellar goes just a bit too far. Pronounced “Quay YAR”. How in heck does that even come close to peculiar?  Has the world gone mad?

I give up.  Yes, I know, I know…it is extremely peculiar for me to give up, but that is exactly what I am doing. I figure that there are so many other PRODUCTIVE things I could be doing that mucking about with non-rhymes just doesn’t cut it.


9 thoughts on “peculiar limericks

  1. Will any of these words work for you: were, cooler, failure, junior, lunar, ruler, computer, earlier, familiar, Julia, nuclear, tubular, hallelujah and unfamiliar?


    1. oh heck no…i have lost the desire to even contemplate a limerick now. sigh..but thanks for trying to help.


  2. I’ve seen some of those almost rhyme words, and you’re right, they don’t even come close to it. Some of those words are just outlandish in the first place. Every day I see the daily prompt word, and want to do it, but can never think of a thing to say about it. I like reading yours. 🙂


  3. It is impossible. Best my feeble attempt could come up with is SECULAR.Of course you would have to somehow mispronounce one of the two words to get it close.


    1. I Know, right? it is annoying. funny…and it makes me laugh,m but still annoying!


  4. I once met a lad so peculiar
    His uncle was somehow his junior
    Contemplating an earlier failure
    His relatives seemed very familiar

    Stupid but hey, I did it


  5. There once was a boy so peculiar
    His uncle was somehow his junior
    While contemplating earlier failure
    Found family was quite unfamiliar.

    Maybe stupid but hey, I did it


    1. ya know….it is almost annoying when someone writes a better limerick than I can! rofl


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