Back where I come from: day 11

Suzanne McClendon’s September Challenge is quickly becoming my favorite challenge.  It is loosely based on a country song, Back Where I Come From, by Kenny Chesney.  I finally listened to the song yesterday.  I have to admit (I think I already did) that I hadn’t heard of this young man and had no clue what his song sounded like…it’s pretty.  And it is nostalgic.  And it has a catchy tune that a person finds themselves humming later in the day. I like the song.  But I digress…on to the challenge question of the day. Why not join in?

Day 11: Were there a lot of churches in your hometown? What about where you live now?

There were, I suppose, what one would consider “a lot’ of churches in Springfield.  As we were a bedroom community of Washington, DC we had an extremely diverse population.  There were a lot of military families and government employees living there.

We had a Presbyterian, a Methodist, a Baptist, a Church of Christ Redeemer, a Roman Catholic, an Anglican Catholic, a Christian Scientist, a Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints, an African-Methodist, a Lutheran, one non-demoninational, an Episcopalian, a Greek Orthodox and an Anabaptist Church.

Oh golly. I just counted them. We had 14 churches for less than 5000 people! That’s a heck of a lot of churches. I attended all of them except the Greek Orthodox, the Roman Catholic, the Mormon, and the African-Methodist since Mother was a church organist. We spent most of my younger years at Grace Presbyterian though.

After attending so many varied churches in my youth it is no wonder I ended up at Seminary.  It is also no wonder I ended up questioning every single thing about Christianity in general.

Here in Enid, I haven’t a clue how many churches there are.

I see them as I pass them on the roads around town but have never attended any of them. We have (that I have seen) a Roman Catholic or two, several Lutheran, a bunch of Baptist and at least ten pentecostal churches.  We also have a Mennonite Church and a “cowboy” church (whatever that is).

One block away from my house is a Baptist Church, but there is no way I would attend as their church board messages are so off the wall I wonder if they really believe anything in the Bible at all, or if they think the “Left Behind” series of books by Tim LeHaye are gospel. They quote them enough.

Last year, on Halloween, that church had a ‘tribulation maze” where they sectioned off the church yard into vignettes supposedly about the Book of Revelation.  Instead, they were scenes taken directly from the from the “Left Behind” series.  You can check out that post at the above link. Disclaimer: I only report the wonders of this town, I don’t necessarily think they are intelligent!

Disclaimer: I only report the wonders of this town, I don’t necessarily think they are intelligent!






3 thoughts on “Back where I come from: day 11

  1. That does sound like a whole lot of churches for a smallish population. There were many more than 14 in my hometown in South Carolina, but our town was much bigger than 5000 people back then. There were two churches right beside the park that I used to play in as a child (and also where The Great I Reckon Incident of 1981 occurred). One was a Methodist church (which I attended as a very little girl) and one was a Pentecostal Holiness church. My Uncle Bobby later became the preacher at that PH church. In downtown, there were churches everywhere, you could see one from the other in many areas.

    Here in Wharton, TX, there are two Catholic churches that I know of, I think three non-denominational churches, at least four Baptist, a Presbyterian, LDS, Episcopal, a Church of Christ, and an Assembly of God. There are probably several that I have missed, but those are the ones we can think of in the city limits.

    Even with all these churches, our crime rate rivals Houston. According to one site that I just checked, both Wharton and Houston have a crime index of 5. For comparison, the crime rate of New York City is 27. New York City is way safer than this little Texas town of less than 9,000 people. 100 is the safest. OY!
    Thanks for participating in our challenge. I’m glad it is becoming your favorite. 🙂 Have a blessed day.


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