burglars, breakfast and house pets, oh my!

I am quite sure I will receive no sympathy for this admission….but, my dogs have decided to boss me around…and I have let them. I didn’t mean to start out this way..I meant to teach the dogs to obey commands (mine) and to be good little house dogs and companions.

A pet that would let me know when burglars were at the door

….or ravening wolves were about to attack.

Instead, I have two mini-canines that decide what to eat, when to eat it and when to go visit friends.

They decide which part f the bed I get to sleep in, or whether I get to place my head on a pillow.

One decides when I am allowed to type in my computer or answer my phone.

It is annoying, to say the least, but I can’t seem to gain control.

I admit it is probably my own fault..just not entirely. George lets them get away with murder as well.

George will offer the little twits their choice of canned food…I, at least, just fix whatever and give it to them. Well, I do for dinner.  Breakfast is another story.

Gunnar will stand in front of the fridge and bark when I touch the wrong item.  He likes bacon (tail wags) more than sausage (bark) and eggs with cheese (jumping up and down) more than plain eggs (wagging). Say I pick up the orange juice…I receive a few hundred barks as if to say “you stupid woman, get me the bacon!”.

My own breakfast, instead of following the diabetes plan diet, I usually end up with the dog’s leftovers.

It’s my own blasted fault.  This I know beyond a shadow of a doubt….but in my defense…how does one say “NO” to these faces?

Gunnar on “his” cot

4 thoughts on “burglars, breakfast and house pets, oh my!

  1. Sounds like they’re as bad as cats!


  2. Our dog has us well trained. She tells us when she’s hungry, when she wants to go for a walk and even where she wants us to walk her. And our cat reminds us when it’s time to clean his litter box and when he’s hungry, which is most of the time. I feel like we are our pets’ staff.


  3. Nice to know other people’s dogs have them so well trained. On our last trip to the farm I forgot to take Topshe’s after-dinner chews, and spent the whole guilty time making it up to her. She would be 2 kilos heavier if it wasn’t for the extra walks she got as well. Your masters Gunnar and Dasher are really cute!


    1. those two masters are the joy of my life!


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