Proud of Myself Badge

Holy cow!  Cheryl over at The Bag Lady (rugby843) this morning presented me with a badge she created.

She calls it the “Proud of Myself” Badge, and presents it to bloggers that have overcome difficulties, have shown endurance and strength.

It is with extreme gratitude that I accept this badge and will proudly “wear” it on my blog front page!

And, in gratitude, I feel a need to share this badge with someone that I have admired for his writing, his compassion, his sharing of his faith and his ability to laugh at the difficult things the world throws at him.  Go visit his blog, Quest.  I’d like to share one of my favorite posts by Larry called John, Bobby, and Martin. 

So, to my friend, Larry Paul Brown, I present with great joy the “Proud of Myself” badge. Wear it with pride knowing it is rarely given, and then only to people who just refuse to give up no matter their obstacles.

2 thoughts on “Proud of Myself Badge

  1. I’m SO glad you did! That was my intention in creating the badge in the first place, but the poor little guy has just been wilting in my media section… Thanks for spreading the love.


    1. will more than likely share it over and over again! Thanks sweetie!


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