Share Your World, Sept 11, 2017

Cee Neuner’s Share Your World is an ongoing challenge that I absolutely adore! There has never been a week go by that I did not look forward to this challenge.  Try joining in yourself, and you too shall look forward to Mondays with as much joy as I do!

share your world challenge

Cee’s questions are in a pretty color. My answers are, while blah looking, usually semi-interesting at a bare minimum.

Would you want $200,000 right now or $250,000 in a year? It’s safe to assume all money is tax free. 

Now, please?  I can stick 3/4 of it in high yield bonds and have six times as much next year. The rest would pay off my house, pay for cataract surgery for me and fix the truck.  And, if the high yield account goes bust? Oh well, I don’t need it because my house is paid off, my cataracts are missing and the trucks runs well!


Is it more important to love or be loved?  Now, listen up.  This is IMO a rather stupid question.  Being without either sucks big time. Sorry, didn’t mean to shout there.  Both are equal.  Oh, I am sure it sounds oh so unselfish to love when love is not returned, but in actuality, the condition is excruciatingly painful and depressing. 

For those purists out there, I did not in any way, shape or form, denigrate Cee’s intelligence, etc. I still think it’s an awful question.


List things that represent abundance to you. 

Three meals a day, every day. A blanket. An indoor toilet. A furnace and air conditioner. A working motor vehicle. A week’s worth of clean underwear.

And, I have to admit, that week’s worth of clean underwear is my idea of a luxury item…it’s more valuable than diamonds or sports cars.


What inspired you this past week?  Feel free to use a quote, a photo, a story, or even a combination. 

This nation’s first responders. The incredible giving on behalf of strangers in a time of great need.  They are awe inspiring.

3 thoughts on “Share Your World, Sept 11, 2017

  1. “I can stick 3/4 of it in high yield bonds and have six times as much next year.” Wow, a 600% return in just one year? Who’s your financial advisor? Give me his/her number!


    1. and there is a glaring example of using exaggeration to make a point! lol


  2. I agree…to love and not be loved in return has to be one of the most painful things on this earth. It is a sad way to live.

    Have a blessed day. 🙂


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