Back Where I Come From Challenge: Day 12

I am grateful to Suzanne McClendon for putting this challenge together.  It has helped me remember both good things and bad,; helped me work through issues I should have taken care of long ago, and brought both a smile and tears to my face.  It isn’t too late to join in to the challenge. Why not see it for yourself?

Day 12: On the opposite side of the fence, did you know of anyone engaged in an illegal activity? (In the song, they mention moonshine.)

Well, there were the kids all drinking beer before they were old enough to do so…and the occasional TPing of a classmate’s house.

But, no. I didn’t know anyone that messed around with anything illegal.

I was never one of the drinkers. The first time I drank was on my 18th birthday.  BUT, I did engage in TPing a classmate’s home.

Of course, we were caught.  Of course, the police were called.

And like the idiot children we were, we all tried to escape the police by running…..

which didn’t work as all of us were caught…….

and were told right before being reunited with parents who were angered beyond belief………..

that we had TP’d the wrong house.

6 thoughts on “Back Where I Come From Challenge: Day 12

  1. That is funny you got the wrong house.


  2. Ha! The wrong house!


  3. Bummer it was the wrong house but it does make the story funnier.


  4. Funny! What did the intended victim say about it or did they ever find out you all had planned to TP their house? I can imagine them having a grand ol’ time teasing about you folks getting the wrong house.

    Thank you for your kind words. I am glad that our challenge is helping you to work through some things from the past. I hope, before long, there will be many more smiles than tears.

    Have a blessed day. 🙂


    1. oh, we were teased mercilessly for about a week…then we managed to TP the correct house!


      1. I guess they stopped teasing you then! haha


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