Back where I come from, day 16

Back Where I Come From Challenge, day 16. Okay, for those that have been following along, we are answering the questions of Suzanne McClendon and bringing back long forgotten memories. It still isn’t too late to join in.

Day 16: Was your hometown a “backwards” place or do you feel that it was progressive?

Considering I was living there beginning in the 1950’s, I’d have to say it was old-fashioned at first.  I know, I know.

We were a suburb of Washington, DC and the vast majority of residents were either active duty Military or government workers. The census records showed our town’s “average” education as being a Bachelors degree, so I can only surmise that we were a progressive town.

I wasn’t actually paying attention as I was too busy playing or going to school or doing chores.

6 thoughts on “Back where I come from, day 16

  1. Life was simpler then, playing games, going to school, doing chores (sigh) You’ve made me feel all nostalgic (again) lol 🙂


  2. And which suburb of DC was that, again?


    1. springfield, fairfax county


      1. Montgomery Couny for me!


      2. ahhhhhhhh, Silver Spring…
        Bethesda……Montgomery…….Rockville (my favorite)….Gaithersburg. I miss weekends exploring the area.


  3. I think I was too busy playing to notice too much about progression or backwardness when I was a kid, too. Whacking boys on the head with baseball bats was far more interesting than worrying about what the grown-ups were doing. 🙂

    Have a blessed day.


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