Back Where I Come From, day 17

Suzanne McClendon‘s Back Where I Come From Challenge is into day 17, and is just as interesting as it was on day one.  I can’t honestly understand why more bloggers are not doing this challenge. It is loosely based on a song of the same name and all about the town that you call home.  It has brought back many good memories, some not so good, and others that are frankly pretty awful but needed to be said.

I can honestly say I am looking forward to next September’s challenge as this one is so satisfying.

Day 17: Was your hometown an economically advantaged or disadvantaged area?

Springfield was an economically advantaged town.  It was the fastest growing county, outside of Montgomery County, Md. in the Washington DC area.

Fairfax County was for many years not only the fastest to grow but the wealthiest county as well. Springfield was a bedroom community just south of Arlington built to house the Military assigned to the Pentagon and Ft. Belvoir, home of the Army Corps of Engineers.  It also was the home to many Marines from Quantico and the students of the FBI Academy.

The median income in the 1950’s was $24K (National average was $14.5K) and the average education of the population was a bachelor’s degree. We had far more professionals than blue collar workers living in the town.

Springfield grew from a tiny crossroads to a town of over 50K within a two-year period during the early fifties and hasn’t stopped growing. The last census showed a population of over 120K.

A house when we moved there in 1951 cost a little less than $9000.00.  Now the median price range for a two bedroom house is $327,000. I can no longer afford to even THINK of living in my home town.


3 thoughts on “Back Where I Come From, day 17

  1. Thank you for such nice comments in your opening section. I appreciate them very much. 🙂

    The youngest of my twin brothers was stationed at the Pentagon and Ft. Belvoir. He was in the area of the Pentagon on 9/11. He started out in the Air Force, but has served in some capacity in all of the branches.

    Wow! That was certainly a big population jump in those first 2 years! Though a lot bigger now, it looks like the rate of growth slowed down a pretty good bit. Can you imagine the size of it had it continued with 50K every two years. I can’t even count that high. haha

    The population in this little town where we live now (Wharton, TX) is going down. In the 2000 census (4 years before we got here), the population was 9,237. In 2010, the population was 8,832. It is estimated to be 8,785 now. For the entire county, it is only 41, 735. An increase for our county over 2010(41,280), but our county seat town is dwindling. There are towns in this state with less than 10 people. I wouldn’t mind living in one of those. 🙂 I think I’d be in freak mode constantly in a huge city like Springfield and most definitely Houston!

    Thanks for participating and for such interesting posts. 🙂
    Have a blessed day.


    1. thank your son for his service for us please. My brother in law was working down the hall from where the plane hit (Pentagon). He still has nightmares from that day.


      1. You’re welcome. Please also thank your brother-in-law for his service. I am so sorry that he has PTSD. My brother does, too, but from an explosion while overseas. These folks go through so much serving this country. Have a blessed weekend.


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