Float like a butterfly…………sting

Obviously, Mr. Daily Prompter has lost it.  He gives a word a day for our delectation, provides a lovely place for our words of wondrousness to be examined…thoughtfully contemplated or vigorously argued…then completely forgets to turn on the sucking-in-thingy that allows our posts to attach themselves into the required cyberspace!

“What a MAROON” I hear bloggers cry!  


“What a Schlemeil!”…..

yes, I am channeling LaVerne of television sitcom fame.


It isn’t at all rational…it is an aberration of bloggery!  It is…………well, it can’t be a sting as WP is getting nothing of value from it…although……one could say that we out in bloggery-land that write down all the emissions from heart and soul for your reading pleasure are being stung by ginormous bumbly-bees of stinging pain when we realize our words are all for naught.

I mean, seriously, WP!  WTF??  now, will someone please explain what “WTF” means as my granddaughter nearly died laughing at my typing it…….



3 thoughts on “Float like a butterfly…………sting

  1. You aren’t serious are you? Cmon you know that what the f$ck is wtf or what the h&ll is wth right? Now you’ve been stung, lol!


  2. I shocked some people when I put that on a FB post. I deleted the post after flack


    1. i delete the flackers instead….lol


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