Back Where I Come From, day 18


The Back Where I Come From Challenge is the Septemeber Challenge from Suzanne McClendon.  I say every day that it is a terrific challenge, and every day I am frankly astonished that more bloggers aren’t doing it themselves.

Maybe next year.  In the meantime, here we are on day 18 and the month is drawing to a close soon.  I am going to miss this challenge when it is over.

Day 18: Did you like your childhood home? What did you like or not like about it?

The first home I remember was on Floyd Avenue.  My parents bought the house in 1951 for $8995.00.  It was a two bedroom, one bath split-level brick home with a carport. 

My parents converted the attic into a third bedroom. My parent’s room was the upper window on the bedroom was behind it facing the back of the house. The first floor was the living room, bathroom, and kitchen.  The basement, far right under the bedrooms was a combination laundry room and storage area. My parents converted the storage area into a finished room for a play area for us.

When they bought it, my older brother and I were their only children and we shared the second bedroom.  Then a few years later along came my little brother. The boys were moved into the attic bedroom and I had the second one all to myself.

There was a huge forsythia bush directly under my window, and when it bloomed each spring the scent was glorious! We had a large flower garden that lined the fence in back, and I have many happy memories of playing among the flowers.  Iris, daylilies, chrysanthemums all bloomed in our backyard. In front were absolutely gorgeous azalea bushes and one cedar.  We would pick the pronged berries off the cedar each year and throw them at each other. Inevitably, we’d get spanked for it.  That never seemed to stop us though.

I didn’t like sharing the bathroom with so many people, but I loved having a bedroom to myself.

Out of the 18 kids on the block, I liked being one of only three girls in my age group. I got along with the boys much better than the girls.

We moved when I was 10 years old to the “other side of the highway” to a four-bedroom three and a half bath home. My Mother was pregnant with my sister and we just needed a bigger space. Honestly, it was great to have a bathroom to myself.

This is the house we moved into. The room on the second story to the left was my bedroom.  I shared with my baby sister.  The BEST part of the house was the carport roof right outside my window.  I would climb onto the roof and escape all the drama that went along with my Narcissistic mother.

It never really felt like “home” though.  I missed my friends, my school, and the neighborhood.


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  1. I spent the majority of my youth in the same house my dad currently occupies. Although we lived many places before that one, I went to school from second grade through high school in that house, it was the only one I could call home. I miss my mom being there, but I made sure there are reminders in the form of pictures, some are harder to look at then others. My oldest son shares the space with my dad and as you know I spend Wednesdays there with him too. It will always feel like home.


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